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Our experienced divorce and family law attorneys understand that a balanced life is a happy life. Very little unbalances your life like the challenges that come from family law issues. This is your life, your family, your future. Nothing is more important.

We’ll help you get your family life back in balance.

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Fast, Thorough Answers

Karolina is an incredible professional, and I recommend her for any legal needs in the highest regard. There are no "winners" in a dissolution of marriage, but Karolina protected my child and my rights. She is quick to respond to emails, even after hours, weekends, and holidays. I was incredibly impressed with her knowledge of the law. For every question she had a quick, thorough, and complete response, including what the law states, how others have settled, and what I could expect, while always giving me a choice for which route to take. She respected my choices in every circumstance. Choosing legal representation is a huge responsibility for anyone going through situations like mine. Choose wisely, with a trusted firm and a lawyer who will keep your best interests at hand. It is a lifelong decision that you can not regret.

By Darci B.

Attorney Who Takes the High Road

Karolina Hoerl takes the high road, without sacrificing the edge. She's ethical, intelligent, calm, communicative, and caring. What also stands out is her respect for the law. Throughout my divorce case, I appreciated the way she conducted herself, in and outside of the courtroom. I could not have asked for a better attorney.

By Julie J.

Thoughtful and Strategic

Erin Turner is intelligent, strategic, and honest. She was incredibly thoughtful about picking strategies that worked in my case - she knew when and how hard to push, when to wait and not "take the bait," and when to change approaches. I had an ex who was abusive and continued those tactics through the legal system, to the extent possible. She kept me calm through a really dark time. I am lucky she was my guide and advocate. I'd recommend her to anyone in a child custody/child support case.

By Linda Z

Calm in a Storm

Eric Parker helped me with a custody and child support dispute. Eric was so knowledgeable and such a great resource throughout the stressful process. He also had a great team behind him. I was very overwhelmed at the start but he made me feel comfortable and confident. Eric was responsive and always gave me his undivided attention. I never felt like I was a lower priority than other clients. I fully trusted Eric to not only handle my case but not nickel and dime me. I recommend Johnson/Turner Legal to anyone in need.

By Margaret C