An Unexpected Detour: Know your options when facing a DWI charge and license revocation

August 21, 2017

Credit  Kelly Sater, Attorney & Josh Brekken, Attorney You’ve been pulled over, tested for alcohol, and charged with a DWI. It’s a moment you’d like to forget, but these things have a way of following you around with ongoing consequences. Let’s start with the bad news (we promise there’s some good news later): your license […]

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Divorce and the ERISA

August 16, 2017

Credit Sarah Sicheneder, Attorney See the original article at: Divorcing couples likely feel relief once they learn that the court has signed an order legally ending the marriage. However, just because the order is signed does not mean the divorce process is done – new deeds need to be recorded, mortgages assumed by one party […]

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Keeping it in the Family: Working Family Cabins into Estate Planning

August 7, 2017

Credit  Michele Loughrey, Attorney & Eric Parker, Attorney Respite, Renewal, and Relaxation Ah, the family cabin. It’s a place of respite. Renewal. Relaxation. Long days spent boating and swimming. S’more-filled evenings under a starry sky. Knock-down, drag-out, we’re-not-speaking-anymore battles between siblings after mom and dad pass away and no one can agree on what to […]

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Parenting Across Generations

July 10, 2017

Credit  Samantha Graf, Attorney & Eric Parker, Attorney 1960s comedic star Sam Levenson famously said: “The reason grandparents and grandchildren get along so well is that they have a common enemy.” Of course, Levenson was trying to be funny. But sometimes, the grandparent/parent/child dynamic isn’t very funny. When parents are unable or unwilling to care […]

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Inheritance? WHAT inheritance? What to do when you’re the heir of an insolvent estate.

June 19, 2017

Credit Jack Clinton, Attorney & Samantha Graf, Attorney This time, we’re covering how to handle an insolvent estate. (That means there’s not enough money left in the estate to cover all outstanding debts.) Here’s the good news: It might not be as scary as you think.   You might have seen it coming: You figured that […]

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Don’t get stuck owning a home with your ex!

June 5, 2017

Credit Michele Loughrey, Attorney No one goes into a home buying process expecting things to go south. Then again, no one goes into a relationship expecting things to go south.   Life happens. Break-ups are hard enough—throw in co-owned property, and things can get really ugly. If you are considering buying a property with your boyfriend […]

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Data Privacy and the Government

May 22, 2017

If you’re a public official, that text you just sent is (likely) public information.   Credit Josh Brekken, Attorney & David Snyder, Attorney Your affinity for Internet cat memes is your own business. You can feel free to keep that private. But if you hold any type of public office, you might be surprised to learn […]

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Is your noncompete agreement enforceable? Don’t leave it to chance.

May 8, 2017

Written by Josh Brekken, Attorney Noncompete agreements (NCAs) are an essential part of doing business in many industries. As an employer, you don’t want your employees to use your company as an information gathering/lead generation device only to jump ship, absconding with your best clients and insider info. Nor do you want to hire and […]

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Don’t consider retirement without reevaluating your spousal maintenance plan

April 17, 2017

Written by Josh Brekken, Attorney & Chris Johnson, Attorney Finalized divorces may not feel very final if you still pay or receive spousal maintenance (commonly referred to as “alimony”). And yet, it often becomes a matter of routine. Whether your divorce was settled last year, last decade, or before the disco era, you may be […]

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Bring peace and balance to your co-parenting relationship.

April 11, 2017

Custody cases can be very difficult, and even when they’re finished many co-parents find they still have disagreements. Unless they have a good way to solve those disagreements, their co-parenting relationship is further strained, and in the end, the kids suffer. Many families in this situation have found that hiring a Parenting Time Expeditor or […]

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