What is Discovery?

November 23, 2017

As with any type of legal proceeding, the success of your divorce or child custody case will depend in large part on the strength of the evidence you have to support your claims.  It is essential that you have reliable and admissible evidence in order to back up your requests to the court.  One way […]

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Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act Basics

November 22, 2017

Making big state-to-state moves is becoming increasingly common.  Advances in technology make it simpler to stay in contact with family and friends we have left behind and it is now quite common to hop on a plane to make a quick weekend trip as travel becomes more convenient than it was in decades past.  As […]

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Military Divorce

November 21, 2017

Every divorce and every family is different.  Whether the issues pertain to long-term marriages or custody issues regarding a special needs child, there are special, sensitive issues that are involved for each family.  This is especially true when one or both of the parties involved is an active or retired member of the United States […]

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Am I Entitled to Spousal Maintenance?

November 16, 2017

Financial issues are commonly the tipping point for many divorces.  Where people have pooled their resources, after a divorce, there will be two households with two sets of bills, which clearly puts a financial strain on most budgets.  When finances are an issue, spousal maintenance is usually one of the most contentious issues in a […]

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QDRO Basics

November 15, 2017

When people are married, they work together to build a future together.  They will plan and invest, looking forward to the day when they can retire.  However, not every relationship stands the test of time and sometimes divorce becomes a reality.  When this happens, the assets for the future that the couple has worked hard […]

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Step-Parent Adoption

November 13, 2017

Starting a new family after a previous marriage has disintegrated is an exciting time.  Having a step-parent for your child that is caring and loving is a wonderful way to expand your child’s support network.  The optimal situation is to have both the biological parents as well as all step-parents cooperate for the benefit of […]

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Love is love. Marriage is marriage. And divorce is divorce.

Credit Josh Brekken, Attorney & Eric Parker, Attorney As attorneys focused on family law, sometimes we’re asked about same-sex divorce. How is it different? The answer: It’s not. Minnesota law makes no legal distinction between the marriage—or the divorce—of any two consenting adult parties. In other words: Marriage doesn’t discriminate. And neither does divorce. Divorce comes […]

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Divorce versus Annulment

November 11, 2017

Ending a marriage is always a difficult decision.  No one enters into a marriage with the thought of putting an end to the relationship.  Unfortunately, not all relationships stand the test of time, and parties sometimes have to legally end their marriage.  The way in which the marriage is terminated can have far-reaching impacts for […]

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What Is Mediation and Is It Right for My Case?

November 10, 2017

Divorce and custody are stressful and draining, both emotionally and financially.  Family law cases can last months or sometimes even longer, and if you take your case  all the way through trial, it means you will have a judge telling you how to divide your assets, divide your debts, and how to handle your children.  […]

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Facing divorce? Have a seat at the (mediation) table.

October 2, 2017

Credit Katie Jarvi, Attorney Divorce is a really small word for a really big pile of stuff: Emotions. Logistics. Discussions. Paperwork. Arguments. Even if you and your soon-to-be-ex plan on holding hands and frolicking through the process with mutual respect and admiration, it’s still an intimidating undertaking. And if you’re feeling not-so-frolicky? Or downright acrimonious? […]

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