Bad Social Media Habits in Divorce

Millions of Americans use social media to keep in touch with friends and family members.  With our society becoming increasingly mobile, social media is a great way to maintain relationships with your loved ones even if they live half-way across the country or even the world.  If you are going through a divorce, using social media may seem like a way to vent your frustrations and keep everyone updated on the court case.  However, there are several bad habits you should avoid during your divorce.

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The first is immediately announcing your intention to get a divorce and your goals for your divorce without first speaking with your spouse.  For example, announcing you are filing for divorce and taking the children with you can not only interrupt your relationship with your spouse but also interfere with your ability to reach a settlement.

Another common mistake is spending your social media time disparaging your soon to be former spouse.   Talking badly about your spouse will heighten tensions between you and will reduce your chances of reaching a settlement.  Moreover, if you share children, disparaging your ex can reduce your chances of obtaining custody, as it could show the court you are unwilling to cooperate with your ex on parenting issues.

A third mistake is sharing too much information.  It may be tempting to check in to show off that you are on a date or enjoying a night out with your friends, but do not forget that your social media posts can be used as evidence at trial.  If you are claiming you do not have the resources to pay spousal maintenance but are constantly posting on Facebook about receiving expensive spa treatments or going on vacation, the judge is not likely to believe your claims you have insufficient income to pay.

Finally, many people make the mistake of spending too much time trying to spy on your ex.  Using your emotional energy and precious free time to just figure out what your spouse has been spending his or her time doing will not help you to move forward in the divorce process.  In addition, becoming too acquainted with your spouse’s new hobbies and friends can make you feel more hurt and angry, making it less likely that you will be able to set aside your emotions and reach a settlement.

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