Custody Battles and Gifted Children

All parents take pride in watching their children learn and grow.  Helping your child to understand the world around them and acquire the abilities necessary to become a talented adult is Gifted Childone of the most rewarding experiences a parent can have.  Although in a perfect world, parents will agree on what is best for the children and work together to achieve what is best for their children.  When the parents are facing a divorce or separation, there will need to be an order entered to address the custody and visitation schedule.  Parents in a custody battle over gifted children face unique issues.

School and academic achievement are on the forefront for any parent, and when the child is particularly gifted, school becomes even more important.  One issue to consider in a custody battle over a gifted child is which parent is better positioned to provide the child with the resources and support necessary to meet that child’s extraordinary educational needs.  This does not mean simply which parent can pay for the best school or the best tutors.  This also means which parent is more willing and able to help that child strive toward academic goals by providing transportation and support.

Another consideration is that gifted children may be gifted in an extracurricular activity, such as music or sports.  The court will take into account which parent is more likely to continue to encourage the child in that activity.  These activities also often take up a lot of time and effort on the part of the parent.  For example, a child may have daily practice, travel to games on the weekends, and have late nights completing other homework after practice is over.  If one parent is better positioned to help a child meet those commitments, the court will take that into account.

Finally, it is important to understand that a court in Minnesota will take many factors into account when deciding what type of custody or visitation schedule is in the child’s best interest.  A child’s reasonable preference will be taken into account, depending on the child’s level of maturity.  A gifted child is more likely to have the emotional maturity necessary for the court to give weight to that child’s preference.

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