Our client satisfaction is 4 times better than other law firms.

Most law firms don’t track client satisfaction. Of the ones that do, industry averages indicate they are not doing very well. In fact, they’re getting worse.

Client satisfaction is one of our most important indicators. We rely on that information to confirm that we are doing a good job for our clients. That’s why we ask every client every month, “On a scale of 1-10, how likely are you to recommend us to a friend or family member?” This keeps client experience as a point of emphasis for us. It also tells us right away if a client isn’t having the experience we promise, and it gives us an opportunity to fix the problem.

We consistently score 80 (+/- 5), whereas the legal industry has scores below 20. The scores are calculated using the Net Promoter Score methodology.

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Net Promoter Score Explanation (Sample Data NOT linked to Johnson Turner Legal)

What is the Net Promoter Score?

A Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a simple metric based on a question: How likely are you to recommend a company to a friend or colleague? Answers range from 0 to 10, with 0 meaning not at all likely and 10 meaning extremely likely.


How likely are you to recommend a company to a friend or collegue?

Graphic credit: inavero.com

Survey respondents are separated into three categories depending on the score they provide:

  • Promoters: Clients who respond with 9 or 10 are highly satisfied and loyal.
  • Passives: Clients who respond with 7 or 8 are probably satisfied, but also somewhat indifferent. They do not feel loyal to your firm.
  • Detractors: Clients who respond with 0 through 6 are dissatisfied with the firm and likely to share that feeling with others.

According to Inavero, an NPS authority in the legal industry, law firm scores are low and going down. Below is an Inavero table showing that trend over the past five years.

*Please note, in an effort to round industry benchmarks to whole numbers the NPS calculation may appear off by 1%. For the legal industry, another layer of specificity demonstrates the following: 44.46% (% Promoters) – 25.92% (% Detractors) = 18.54% NPS
Credit: inavero.com

J/T Legal consistently scores 75-85% NPS, something we’re very proud of, but also always looking for ways to improve. If you need a legal team that strives to give you both great counsel and a great experience, book a consult with Johnson/Turner Legal today.