Recap: Estate Planning Seminar Emceed by WCCO’s John Hines

Want a recipe for fun?

Pack a room full of people and tell them what’s going to happen to their stuff after they die.

Party time, right?

In all seriousness, Johnson/Turner recently held an Estate Planning Seminar at the Lake Elmo Event Center, and it was a huge hit. In case you’re wondering if you’re the only person procrastinating on estate planning, you’re not. The turnout at our event confirms it.


100% of the participants said it met or exceeded their expectations.

81% of the participants said the information presented was Extremely Useful.

94% of the participants said they would recommend the seminar to a friend.


WCCO’s John Hines served as emcee of the event, which took place on June 1st. Via a lively, interactive presentation, the attorneys at Johnson/Turner Legal covered a variety of topics, from the broad (how to cement your legacy) to the specific (how to designate special gifts for people or organizations). Additional topics included:

  • Accounting for final expenses
  • Accounting for estate taxes
  • Written lists of personal property
  • Direct asset distribution
  • Appointing guardians of minor children
  • Designating a personal representative
  • Designating a health care agent
  • Creating health care instructions
  • Equalizing gifts made during lifetime
  • Disinheriting someone
  • Ensuring a loved one with special needs is cared for
  • Protecting against an irresponsible heir having too much, too soon
  • Creditor/medical assistance issues

Participants left feeling confident about moving forward with an estate plan. And even with all those topics, everyone was still out of there in time to get home and binge-watch House of Cards on Netflix.
(That’s what happens when you learn from people who do this every day. We’re efficient.)


If you weren’t able to join us at the seminar, you can still get the crash course. Contact Johnson/Turner Legal for a consultation today. It’s about time.