Don't Get Nickel and Timed

Fixed-Rate Pricing from Johnson/Turner Legal


Serious legal representation starts with “How are you?”


Because it benefits you. You know the price of your legal services before you decide to buy them. No surprise bills in the mail, no uncertainty. You’re buying legal expertise and service, not time.

And it benefits us. How many hours we work might matter to our bosses, but it doesn’t matter to you. Our focus is on results, not hours. It also helps us avoid the worst kind of miscommunication: important information we don’t get because you’re not calling us, because you’ve learned that every call costs. Not anymore. Not with Johnson/Turner Legal. You get what you need, at a price you know in advance.

We’re starting our fixed-rate pricing model within our Family Law and Estate Planning services. Come in for a free consultation and see if our process is a good fit for your case.

For as long as there have been lawyers, it seems, there has been hourly billing—and clients who don’t like it, and want something different.

We agree.

Hourly billing means spending time tracking time, which takes time away from actual casework. Painstakingly tracking small increments of time has yet to win a single case. Plus, it’s very boring.

It’s also risky: clients who worry about every phone call or email or visit costing them money are clients who are less likely contact us with new information or questions. This kind of miscommunication can cause legal missteps far costlier than the price of a short phone call. Hourly billing encourages this kind of penny-wise and pound-foolish behavior.

Fixed-rate pricing keeps our focus on getting you results, not counting how much time and effort we put into the case. It also means no uncertainty about your legal bills at the end of the month. You know what to expect, and you get it. And if you’re already dealing with uncertainty because of your legal concerns, more uncertainty is the last thing you need.