Integrating Your Adopted Child Into Your Family

Expanding your family is a wonderful time.  Adopting a child means you can enlarge your family while also providing stability and love to a child or multiple children.  Adoption can be a prolonged process with many technical requirements.  Once the process is over, you can start living your life and move forward together as a family.  It is important to help your new child feel like a part of your family, and there are some simple steps you can take to help integrate your child into your family.

One important step is to make sure your new child understands what space is designated for him or her.  Even if the child is sharing a room with another child, providing the new child with a bed or nook of his or her own can really help that child feel like he or she is truly at home.  In addition to a physical space designated for the child, make sure the child knows where is designated to put away his or her belongings, such as coats, clothes, bike helmets, or special cups.  Having these places that are specifically designated for the child really helps increase a sense of belonging.

Another important step is to ensure the child sees that he or she is part of the memories that the family is building.  Especially for young children, one fun way to achieve this is to work on making a photo album together.  The photo album should make sure to include photos of the entire family, including, of course, the new child.  Seeing a physical representation of the family all together can help the child understand that this is his or her forever home.

Building new memories together is also crucial to integrating the adopted child into your family.  Taking trips together is a great way to achieve this.  Even if the trips are short weekend getaways, they provide a chance for the entire family to spend quality time together and build real memories.  Creating new traditions during these trips is also a great way to integrate the child into your family and your life.

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