Matthew Tuttle Coach

Matt’s kindness and good nature put people at ease as soon as they meet him. That’s part of his mission at Johnson/Turner Legal. The other part is to help clients identify and name their goals and dreams, then create a plan to achieve them. In short, he helps our clients become the best they can be by working with them to focus on creating a positive future even when they are facing a difficult present.

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Matt received his Bachelors of Science from Iowa State University in 1991. He has completed training at the International Coach Academy and is a Certified Professional Coach.


Invaluable Help to Me

I recently approached Matt Tuttle because my wife of 14 years and my daughters had left me.  Matt was an invaluable help to me in getting my feet back underneath me and helping me thru the process of my divorce.  I can’t put a value on the help/motivation Matt has given me throughout all of this.  Matt helped me to identify my goals, and how to accomplish them during my toughest time in life.  One thing I liked about Matt is his ability to relate to everything I told him.  As my coaching has proceeded, I look at Matt as not only a life coach but a true friend.  He has been a true blessing to me.  I would recommend him to anyone!

By Jeremy

Doing What’s Best For Yourself

Regardless of whether you are facing new opportunities or challenged by adversity or if you are just plain “stuck,” having Matt help you explore your options and how to get there is one of the best things you do for yourself.

By Beth

What I Appreciated Most About Matt

One thing I appreciated most was that Matt understood how much my faith meant to me. He suggested books and podcasts for my daily commute. This helped me realize how much I could do to help myself heal. Now I have a new life plan. I no longer wallow in my emotions. I am moving forward and there’s a great life ahead.

By Beth

After My Happily-Ever-After

When my happily-ever-after came to an end, I was stuck in the shock and grief that followed. Matt quickly put me at ease as we talked about my goals. He listened and paid attention to my story. He got a sense for what I was experiencing and he encouraged me to face my circumstances. Matt knew that a bright future was possible and helped me to explore my needs and my values.

By Beth