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What Can an Estate Plan Do for Me?

No family or person is the same, so no estate plans are the same. But through our years of creating precise and thoughtful estate plans, we’ve been able to identify some key features that apply to most people, and we’ve shaped them into plans that address some of the common estate-planning goals we’ve seen.

We’ll help you plan for the future of your estate, including some, all of, or even more than what’s listed here.

  • Identify a person to act on your behalf for financial and health care concerns if you can’t.
  • Avoid probate.
  • Establish accounts to pay final expenses or debts.
  • Protect your assets from end-of-life expenses.
  • Define what you want your beneficiaries to receive, and protect those who might need help managing those assets.
  • Reduce or eliminate estate taxes.
  • Plan for business succession or the future of a family cabin.
  • Minimize conflict and maintain privacy.
  • Address the needs of a blended family

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