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Can a Coach Help Me, Too?

Your legal well-being is our first concern, but we want to help you create your own story. Coaching is part of what we offer to support that effort. Coaching helps build on our clients’ strengths and abilities, especially when they are working through a difficult transition in life. The goal for clients who work with our certified professional coach is to define a path that will bring them greater harmony in their lives.

What is Coaching?

Similar to an athletic coach, your Johnson/Turner Legal coach works to develop and bring out the best in you. Coaching is a process that helps you find clarity and identify aspects of your life you would like to change or improve. Your coach is a sounding board and guide. Your coach is non-judgmental, and only focuses on the present and the future—there’s no need to look for solutions in your past. Working with a coach increases the likelihood that you will find the best way to move forward.

What to Expect

Your coach will help you start with an assessment of your needs and values. This creates a starting point and helps keep the focus on solutions. Your coach will ask you questions aimed at getting you to think about what’s vital to your future, clearing your way to a better tomorrow.

What Do I Need to Do?

Show up willing to make a difference in your life. Occasionally there may be field work that will create a focus on eliminating frustration.

Why it Works

Coaching is unique in that it comes from you. Many times you know the answers to your problems, but can’t readily bring them to light. Coaching focuses on creating a direction to bring these solutions into your life.

Your Johnson/Turner Legal coach will help ensure that your experience is comforting and complete.

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Doing What’s Best For Yourself

Regardless of whether you are facing new opportunities or challenged by adversity or if you are just plain “stuck,” having Matt help you explore your options and how to get there is one of the best things you do for yourself.

By Beth

What I Appreciated Most About Matt

One thing I appreciated most was that Matt understood how much my faith meant to me. He suggested books and podcasts for my daily commute. This helped me realize how much I could do to help myself heal. Now I have a new life plan. I no longer wallow in my emotions. I am moving forward and there’s a great life ahead.

By Beth

After My Happily-Ever-After

When my happily-ever-after came to an end, I was stuck in the shock and grief that followed. Matt quickly put me at ease as we talked about my goals. He listened and paid attention to my story. He got a sense for what I was experiencing and he encouraged me to face my circumstances. Matt knew that a bright future was possible and helped me to explore my needs and my values.

By Beth