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What Are Some Common Issues in Divorce?

What To Expect During The Divorce Mediation Process

Every divorce has to resolve at least some of these issues, especially if it involves minor children. At first look, these issues often seem impossible to resolve, but with thoughtful counsel and reflection they might be settled more easily than you expect.

Custody and Parenting Time

Your children’s health, happiness, and stability is the most important thing. Figuring out legal and physical custody, as well as creating a parenting time schedule, can be one of the most challenging issues in a divorce.

Division of Assets and Debts

Assets and debts are either marital or nonmarital. They are nonmarital if they were owned before the marraige, or can be traced back to an asset or debt that was owned before to the marriage (a car you owned before the marriage, for instance, that you sold to buy a different car during the marriage). Most other assets and debts are marital, and usually divided equally.

Child Support

Child support has three components: basic support, medical support, and childcare support. These amounts are typically determined by state guidelines, taking into consideration each parent’s income and the parenting time arrangement.

Spousal Maintenance

This is meant to assist one spouse in meeting his or her necessary monthly living expenses when the other spouse has the ability to provide that assistance. It is not intended to equalize the incomes of the parties.

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