Do I Need an Attorney?

And how do I choose the right one?

The nuances of the law can be difficult to identify, much less understand. Something that seems as simple as reading a rule or statute is rarely so simple. A law that appears to say one thing might be very different after considering other seemingly unrelated statutes, rules of interpretation, and case law that add even more layers of meaning. Court interpretations themselves might be trending in a direction that means an attorney can argue and maybe achieve a ruling different from the last.

In addition to laws on the books, courts themselves have many rules that have immense impact on a case. Rules of Evidence. Rules of Procedure. Local Rules of Practice. Attempting to work your way through a lawsuit without knowing these rules is a recipe for failure, with success coming down to luck more often than not.

Johnson/Turner Legal thinks you should be able to choose the role we play in your case. We can perform the traditional attorney role in which we go to court on your behalf and handle all negotiations and communication with the other side. We call this YOUR Advocate. Or we can stay behind the scenes, advising you about the case, but you go to court without us and communicate directly with the other side. We call this Attorney BACKED. Choose the type of representation that you prefer.

Ultimately, because each case comes with its own complexity and factors, and different stakes at risk in the outcome, you will need to make the decision on whether or not you need an attorney. As to choosing the right one, the first step is easy–and free. We offer a no-cost initial case consultation.

Meet with one of our attorneys. Get to know him or her, and get a better sense of the complexity and stakes of your case. We’ll explain the YOUR Advocate and Attorney BACKED options. We’ll also help you understand as much as possible what your case will cost. Then you can decide whether or not to hire one of our attorneys.

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