How Long Does a Lawsuit Take?

Every case is different, so it’s hard to be exact. In some cases, motions can be made to bring an early end. A case can end through settlement at any time if the parties can resolve their differences. Most cases do settle at some point in the process. But without a successful motion or settlement, a case generally takes 12 to 18 months to complete in district court. After that, any appeal could take six months to a year.

What can I do to get it resolved more quickly?

The ways to resolve a case depend on the case itself. Sometimes a motion dismiss the claims will succeed. This will work if the claims are wholly deficient as a matter of law. Another way is to bring a motion for summary judgment. This works if one party can demonstrate that even if the court accepts everything the other party asserts as true, that party should nevertheless lose according to the law. If these two approaches are not successful, the best way to quickly resolve the matter is to find a way to settle. This can often be achieved through Dispute Resolution.

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