Children’s Direct Involvement – Will my Child Have to Go to Court for the Adoption

November 19, 2019

Expanding your family is always a joyous time, regardless of whether that expansion happens because of the birth of a new child, marrying a spouse who already has children from a prior relationship, or adoption.  Although the adoption is a wonderful occasion, there are many procedural steps that must be accomplished before the adoption can […]

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Adoption – Mental Health Issues and Criminal History

November 18, 2019

Adding a new member to your family through adoption is a very happy time.  Expanding your family circle and providing a home for a child is worthwhile and satisfying.  Before an adoption can take place, however, it will be necessary to terminate parental rights.  By far the simplest and fastest way to accomplish this is […]

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Small Business Estate Planning

November 15, 2019

Small business owners help form the backbone of the American economy.  Millions of Americans own and run their own small businesses, and millions more strike out on their own every year.  These small business owners know that planning is essential to making sure their business is successful in every aspect.  Unfortunately, some fail to keep […]

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Family Limited Partnerships

November 14, 2019

Every family is different.  Because of this, no two estate plans will ever look exactly the same.  Depending on the family’s assets, debts, goals, and potential beneficiaries, there can be a wide range of different types of estate planning instruments and strategies implements to help solidify and implement the plan.  Wills, powers of attorney, and […]

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Elder Abuse and Estate Planning

November 12, 2019

During our lifetimes, we all rely on family and friends in times of need, and help support our loved ones when they need our support.  A solid estate plan can help make sure that you are taken care of, and also that your loved ones have a degree of stability in their future, as well.  […]

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Probate and Jurisdiction

November 11, 2019

Legal cases and rules can seem complicated and inscrutable to lay people.  There are many complicated procedural requirements that may seem tangled together and impossible to unravel.  Despite what may seem like a complex maze of rules, there are several fundamental issues for civil litigation that are universal, not difficult to understand, and essential for […]

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Who Gets Notice of a Probate Case?

November 8, 2019

Civil law suits have a variety of administrative and procedural requirements.  Failure to adhere to these requirements can result in a favorable judgment being overturned and the whole case having to start over.  Probate is no exception to this.  There are important steps that must be taken and rules that must be followed or the […]

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Basic Personal Representative Responsibilities

November 7, 2019

When your friend or family member passes away, there are many things that you and the others close to the deceased will need to handle.  This includes such tasks as notifying the other friends and family members and introducing the estate into probate.  Whether probate is done formally or informally, there will need to be […]

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Probate Homestead

November 5, 2019

Owning a home is part of the “American Dream” for most people.  Purchasing a home and working for years to improve the property and build equity is the cornerstone of security and stability for millions of American families.  A solid estate plan will take the real estate into account, and can help distribute it according […]

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Can I Sue a Personal Representative for Mismanaging Probate?

November 4, 2019

Bringing the estate of a family member or close friend to probate is an important step in tying up all the necessary loose ends after your loved one has passed away.  During probate, a personal representative will be appointed.  That personal representative will have many duties, including assessing the debts of the estate, gathering the […]

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