Integrating Your Adopted Child Into Your Family

January 9, 2020

Expanding your family is a wonderful time.  Adopting a child means you can enlarge your family while also providing stability and love to a child or multiple children.  Adoption can be a prolonged process with many technical requirements.  Once the process is over, you can start living your life and move forward together as a […]

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Adoption and Estate Planning

January 6, 2020

It is common knowledge that planning for the future is an important step to making sure your family enjoys stability and security both now and after you pass away.  Estate planning is a cornerstone in a well-done plan to cement your plans for the future.  Estate planning is important for families of any size and […]

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Special Needs Adoption

December 23, 2019

Adoption is a wonderful option to help families expand.  It is a joyous time to provide a family to a child who has none.  The child can bring love and depth to your family, and you can provide stability and affection.  There are many considerations that go into making the choice to adopt as well […]

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Adoption and Divorce

December 20, 2019

Adopting a child is a wonderfully happy occasion.  Adoption allows you to expand your family while also providing a child with a permanent and stable support structure.  On the other end of the spectrum in family law is divorce.  Divorce signals the end of a family structure and typically ushers in a period of uncertainty […]

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How Long Does the Adoption Process Take?

November 21, 2019

Most people understand that civil litigation can be complex and time consuming.  The adoption process is no exception to this.  When starting out on the adoption process, many people want to know how long it will take.  As with any other case, the answer is “it depends.”  Every family and case is different, so the […]

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Children’s Direct Involvement – Will my Child Have to Go to Court for the Adoption

November 19, 2019

Expanding your family is always a joyous time, regardless of whether that expansion happens because of the birth of a new child, marrying a spouse who already has children from a prior relationship, or adoption.  Although the adoption is a wonderful occasion, there are many procedural steps that must be accomplished before the adoption can […]

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Adoption – Mental Health Issues and Criminal History

November 18, 2019

Adding a new member to your family through adoption is a very happy time.  Expanding your family circle and providing a home for a child is worthwhile and satisfying.  Before an adoption can take place, however, it will be necessary to terminate parental rights.  By far the simplest and fastest way to accomplish this is […]

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Adoption and Child Support Arrears

September 3, 2019

Any parent can tell you that raising children can be expensive.  Providing the basics, such as housing, clothing, and food can add up quickly.  When you include daycare costs, medical insurance, extracurricular fees, and other “extras,” the cost can be massive.  When parents divorce or separate, the court will enter an order for child support […]

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Adoption When Biological Parent Cannot Be Located

August 27, 2019

All law suits begin the same way – when one person files a petition with the court.  The essential next step is serving the defendant with a copy of the petition.  No law suit can proceed without properly serving the defendant.  The defendant has a right to notice of the suit and to appear and […]

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Adoption or a Will – Why a Will Isn’t Enough

August 23, 2019

All parents know that it is important to plan for the family’s future.  This involves not only short-term goals, but also continuing and far-reaching objectives, such as preparing for retirement.  Planning for your family’s future should include an estate plan.  A well-crafted estate plan can include a wide variety of documents, depending on the goals […]

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