Child Support and Immigration Status

June 6, 2019

Issues concerning child support and child custody are often at the center of some of the most hard fought family law cases.  Parents simply want to make sure their children are well taken care of and receive the appropriate emotional and financial support to thrive and do well.  Any parent can tell you that raising […]

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How to Deal With an Unavailable Parent

May 30, 2019

Divorce or separation is always a difficult time for the parties.  If they share children, divorce and separation is also clearly difficult for the children, as well.  Going between two different homes and adjusting to the new reality of separate households can be challenging for children of any age.  Children thrive on stability, and there […]

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Equal Parenting Time and Child Support

May 27, 2019

During a divorce or separation, issues of child custody are often the most important topics for the parties.  Every parent just wants what is best for their children, but raising children is expensive.  When there is a divorce or separation, the court will enter an order for child support to help to fairly apportion the […]

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Biased Judges

May 24, 2019

The very nature of family law cases is clearly highly personal.  The subject matter of the case can delve into exceedingly private areas ranging from financial issues to parenting.  If you and your spouse are unable to come to an agreement about some or all of the issues in your case, you will have to […]

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Why the Status Quo Matters for Divorce

May 23, 2019

One of the only things we can be certain will be a constant throughout our lives is change.  One incident that brings more change than almost any other is divorce.  Divorce will mean big changes for you and your spouse, as well as your children.  You may need to move to a new town, go […]

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Little Infractions – When Small Violations Can Amount to a Substantial Change in Circumstances

May 21, 2019

Divorce or separation is challenging for a vast array of reasons.  If you and your spouse or partner share children, the end of the relationship is further complicated as you will need to adjust your method of parenting to account for the two separate households, disparate parenting styles, and possible lingering anger and resentment between […]

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Braces and Division of Costs

May 16, 2019

Any parent will tell you that raising children is expensive.  Parents will face costs for basics like food and clothes, but also for extracurricular activities, medical expenses, college tuition, and school supplies, just to name a few items.  If parents divorce or separate, a court will enter an order for child support.  In Minnesota, there […]

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Custody and Mental Illness

May 15, 2019

The end of a relationship between two people is never an easy time.  The complications and challenges are compounded when the parties share children.  When parties share children and they divorce or separate, a judge will make an order for parenting time and custody.  This order will be made after the judge carefully considers what […]

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Equal Parenting Time Schedules

May 13, 2019

When parents are married or cohabitating, they work together as a team to make sure that their children are provided and cared for.  The parents will coordinate and work together to make sure the children are properly supervised, and receive the necessary nurturing, love, and emotional support so necessary to their development.  After a divorce […]

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Child Support, Child Custody, and Taxes

May 8, 2019

Issues of child support and child custody are often at the center of hotly contested family law cases.  Parents clearly just want what is best for their children, and when they cannot agree what that means, a judge will make a decision on child custody based on what is in the children’s best interest.  With […]

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