“Allocation of Parental Responsibilities” – What Does That Mean?

December 11, 2018

Parenting and custody issues are often some of the most highly disputed issues during any divorce case.  Parenting together with a partner during a harmonious marriage or relationship is difficult, and when the relationship falls apart, co-parenting can become even more challenging.  During a divorce or custody case, a court will need to make a […]

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Death and Child Support

November 29, 2018

At the end of a marriage or relationship where the parties share a child or children, the court will almost always make an order for child support.  In most cases, the parent who has less parenting time is the parent who will need to pay child support.  The obligation to pay support typically lasts until […]

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Minnesota and Emancipation

November 27, 2018

Family dynamics can be complicated.  As your children grow, what used to be a simple relationship between a parent and a young child can change drastically as the child becomes more independent and may have very differing views.  While in most families, this is just a rite of passage and typically the families will work […]

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What Is Child Support Meant to Cover?

November 26, 2018

During any divorce or separation, there are a lot of important issues that need to be sorted through.  These issues include property division, child custody, bill payment, and debt division.  One of the essential elements in any divorce or custody dispute which involves children will be child support.  When parents live together, they both contributed […]

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Proof Needed to Get Sole Custody

October 22, 2018

Every divorce is different, and with each case, there will be unique issues that need to be addressed by a judge.  One of the most contentious issues in most cases is that of child custody.  Minnesota law makes no presumption of whether joint physical custody or sole physical custody is in the child’s best interest. […]

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Special Needs Custody Issues

September 10, 2018

Custody litigation is stressful for everyone involved, and that includes the children.  Separation and divorce means big changes for the children, as they will need to adjust to having two separate households, and sometimes also a new school and set of friends.  These challenges are difficult for any child, but special needs children have unique […]

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Infants and Shared Parenting Time

September 5, 2018

Every parent knows that each child has his or her own particular needs, preferences, and demands.  Creating a schedule that works for your child can be challenging in the best of times.  Divorce is certainly not the best of times, but when it does happen, you will still need to create a parenting schedule for […]

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Threats From Your Ex to Violate the Custody Order

August 23, 2018

Child custody actions are frequently the most contentious type of family law case.  Parents have strong opinions about what type of parenting or custody arrangement is best for their children.  These opinions do not fade away simply because the case is over.  After a final order of custody has been entered, parents may still have […]

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Right of First Refusal – Pros and Cons

July 24, 2018

Getting a divorce involves many confusing and difficult decisions including how to handle finances, whether spousal maintenance is appropriate in your case, who will pay the bills while the divorce is pending, and who should keep the marital residence. Issues concerning child custody are often the most hotly contested in any divorce. In the optimal […]

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Modification of Support – Signs it May be Time

July 20, 2018

Few things in life are as certain as change. Following a divorce or stand-alone custody dispute, the court will enter a parenting plan and child support order that provides for the care and financial support of the child. However, children grow and their needs change. In addition, the financial situation of the parents may not […]

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