Tips for Divorce If You Are a Stay-at-Home Parent

May 14, 2020

If you are a stay-at-home parent, you probably know that keeping a household properly running is difficult even when your marriage is harmonious.  Adding a potential divorce to the mix can make things even more complicated as well as uncertain and stressful.  Many stay-at-home parents have specialized concerns when facing a divorce, and there are […]

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Bankruptcy and Child Support

April 14, 2020

Any parent can tell you that raising a child is expensive.  Daycare, diapers, food, clothes, and extracurricular activity fees are just a few examples of the expenses that can mount quickly.  Both parents have the responsibility to provide financial support for their children, which is why courts will enter an order for child support to […]

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Childcare Costs and Child Support

February 26, 2020

If you are facing a divorce or child custody case, you know that there are many essential considerations.  The children and their best interest is always the primary and overriding consideration in any case when the parties share children.  The parents will need to coordinate and work together to make sure that the parenting schedule […]

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Do We Have to Agree on Child Support?

February 19, 2020

Any parent can tell you that raising a child comes with many emotional rewards.  Watching a child grown and thrive, while helping them to learn and flourish, can be one of the most fulfilling experiences a person can have.  Unfortunately, raising a child also comes at a very literal cost.  Bringing up children requires a […]

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Child Support and Remarriage

October 21, 2019

The structure of the American family has drastically changed in the last few decades.  With increasing divorce rates, it is no surprise that remarriage has now become common.  Especially where the divorcing spouses are young, it is typical for one or both of them to move on and remarry.  When the couple had children during […]

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Child Support and Extra Income

October 17, 2019

Parents work hard to provide their children with everything they need.  When parents still reside together with the child, they typically work together to make sure the financial needs are met.  If the relationship goes sour and the parents split up, however, the court can set child support.  Child support in Minnesota is based on […]

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Child Support and Self Employment

October 3, 2019

Millions of Americans run their own businesses.  These businesses may be a business the family has owned for generations or a start-up that one parent has just formed.  Self-employment can mean significant advantages for a parent, as it can mean much more flexibility in a work schedule, allowing the parent to maximize his or her […]

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Can We Agree to No Child Support?

September 24, 2019

Any parent can tell you that raising a child is expensive.  Daycare costs, medical expenses, food, clothing, toys, extracurricular activities, are just a few examples of the expenses parents will need to consider.  Under Minnesota law, a child has the right to be financially supported by both parents.  When the parents are married or cohabitating, […]

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Adoption and Child Support Arrears

September 3, 2019

Any parent can tell you that raising children can be expensive.  Providing the basics, such as housing, clothing, and food can add up quickly.  When you include daycare costs, medical insurance, extracurricular fees, and other “extras,” the cost can be massive.  When parents divorce or separate, the court will enter an order for child support […]

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Uncontested Adoption – Post Adoption Support

August 14, 2019

The vast majority of law suits are settled before they get to a final hearing.  Adoption is no exception to this.  Like with other family law cases, coming to an agreement provides the parties with a degree of control over the process, and allows them to tailor make solutions that are suitable for their situation […]

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