Expectation of Parental Income

March 18, 2019

A divorce or custody action always means major changes for both the people in the relationship as well as the children involved.  These changes involve logistic issues, emotional issues, and financial issues.  At the end of the case, the judge will make an order for child support. The law provides that children have the right […]

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Child Support, Spousal Maintenance, and Estate Planning

February 25, 2019

Divorce and separation is not an uncommon occurrence in the United States, and Minnesota is no exception.  During a divorce, there will be many financial adjustments that one or both parties will have to make to accommodate for no longer having two adults to share the financial load of supporting a household.  If the parties […]

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Remarriage, Spousal Maintenance, and Child Support

December 10, 2018

Although a divorce means the end of a relationship, it also means the beginning of the next chapter of life for both spouses.  It is very common for one or both spouses to move forward after the divorce and get remarried.  Where a former spouse has been ordered to pay alimony (called “spousal maintenance” in […]

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Death and Child Support

November 29, 2018

At the end of a marriage or relationship where the parties share a child or children, the court will almost always make an order for child support.  In most cases, the parent who has less parenting time is the parent who will need to pay child support.  The obligation to pay support typically lasts until […]

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What Is Child Support Meant to Cover?

November 26, 2018

During any divorce or separation, there are a lot of important issues that need to be sorted through.  These issues include property division, child custody, bill payment, and debt division.  One of the essential elements in any divorce or custody dispute which involves children will be child support.  When parents live together, they both contributed […]

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Terminating Child Support and Spousal Support

October 5, 2018

In many divorces, the financial issues are frequently the most contentious problems to be resolved.  In any case involving children, the court will make an order providing for child support.  In some cases, the court may also make an order providing for spousal support.  Understanding how long these financial obligations last and when these obligations […]

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Why Do I Have to Pay Child Support?

October 4, 2018

The end of a marriage or committed relationship is never easy.  After you have spent so much time devoting your care and attention to one person and building that relationship, separating your finances and your lives can be difficult.  This is even more so when you share a child with the other person.  Child custody […]

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Child Support and Uncontested Divorce

July 28, 2018

It is becoming increasingly common for court cases to settle before they ever reach a court room. Family law is no exception, and the great majority of divorces are completed through a settlement. An uncontested divorce can be a great option for many couples. An uncontested divorce means that the parties have reached an agreement […]

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Child Support Arrears – How Calculated and How Long Do I Have to Pay?

July 21, 2018

After a child is born, both parents have the legal obligation to provide that child with financial support. To that end, Minnesota law provides specific guidelines for establishing child support. These guidelines take a variety of factors into account, such as each parent’s income, health insurance costs for the child, and the amount of parenting […]

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Modification of Support – Signs it May be Time

July 20, 2018

Few things in life are as certain as change. Following a divorce or stand-alone custody dispute, the court will enter a parenting plan and child support order that provides for the care and financial support of the child. However, children grow and their needs change. In addition, the financial situation of the parents may not […]

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