Little Infractions – When Small Violations Can Amount to a Substantial Change in Circumstances

May 21, 2019

Divorce or separation is challenging for a vast array of reasons.  If you and your spouse or partner share children, the end of the relationship is further complicated as you will need to adjust your method of parenting to account for the two separate households, disparate parenting styles, and possible lingering anger and resentment between […]

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When Contempt is Used in Family Law

May 7, 2019

Going through a divorce, custody, or post-divorce suit is never easy.  Family law is a very personal type of litigation, as it delves into the daily, personal decisions you make about your children, your finances, and your property.  As a result, there are times when the litigants will strongly disagree about the way the court […]

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Threats From Your Ex to Violate the Custody Order

August 23, 2018

Child custody actions are frequently the most contentious type of family law case.  Parents have strong opinions about what type of parenting or custody arrangement is best for their children.  These opinions do not fade away simply because the case is over.  After a final order of custody has been entered, parents may still have […]

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