What to Do if Your Spouse Is Hiding Assets

August 22, 2018

Every divorce in Minnesota will end with a court order dividing assets.  For some marriages, that will be a highly contentious issue either because of the value of the assets or because of the emotional attachment one or both spouses has to the asset.  Although in the vast majority of cases the spouses are straight […]

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Written Discovery Basics

April 16, 2018

Although divorce, custody, and other family law cases deal with the most personal details of the lives of the parties involved, they arise as a part of a lawsuit and are subject to the same rules as other court cases.  As with other proceedings, the parties have the right to obtain information about and from […]

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What is Discovery?

November 23, 2017

As with any type of legal proceeding, the success of your divorce or child custody case will depend in large part on the strength of the evidence you have to support your claims.  It is essential that you have reliable and admissible evidence in order to back up your requests to the court.  One way […]

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