Dividing a Pension in Divorce

September 2, 2018

Being married usually means that you have spent many years pooling financial resources with your spouse.  For the years you have been married, and sometimes for many years before that, you and your spouse have been discussing your future and making plans for your retirement.  There are a variety of ways that people will invest […]

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Student Debt and Divorce

June 6, 2018

Divorce is one of the financial watershed moments in the lives of most people.  Their lives can be forever measured by what came before and what came after the divorce.  People today are carrying a record amount of debt, and paying for these debts can become especially difficult after divorce when there are no longer […]

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Does Adultery Matter In My Divorce?

April 2, 2018

Dealing with a divorce is almost always an emotionally difficult and complex time. It can be a challenge to process the emotions that accompany the end of your marriage relationship, especially as you have likely spent years or even decades planning your future with your spouse. When the divorce is due to adultery of your […]

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