Questions to Ask Before Choosing Your Family Law Attorney

January 16, 2019

Preparing for your divorce can be a challenging time.  Not only will you be dealing with the emotional stress that accompanies the end of your relationship, but also with the logistics of separating, finding a new place to live, gathering important documents, and crafting a new visitation schedule are just a few tasks you will […]

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Dividing a Pension

December 6, 2018

During a divorce, the spouses will have to split their assets and debts that were accumulated through the years.  Minnesota is an equitable distribution state, which means that the marital assets and debts will be equitably distributed.  The court will examine a list of factors in deciding who will receive how much of each asset.  […]

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Fighting Step-Parent Adoption

December 4, 2018

Divorce and separation is difficult for everyone, including the children.  Adjusting to a new family situation can be challenging for children, as they typically thrive on stability and regularity.  It is common for one or both parents to re-marry following a divorce, and that can help re-establish some of the structure for children.  In the […]

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How to Stop Dissipation of Assets

November 28, 2018

Property division is often a central issue of dispute in divorce.  When two people have labored together for years or even decades to build wealth and a secure financial future, there can be a lot of property to divide during the divorce.  Minnesota is what is called an “equitable distribution” state.  This means that marital […]

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Minnesota and Emancipation

November 27, 2018

Family dynamics can be complicated.  As your children grow, what used to be a simple relationship between a parent and a young child can change drastically as the child becomes more independent and may have very differing views.  While in most families, this is just a rite of passage and typically the families will work […]

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Why Do I Have to Pay Child Support?

October 4, 2018

The end of a marriage or committed relationship is never easy.  After you have spent so much time devoting your care and attention to one person and building that relationship, separating your finances and your lives can be difficult.  This is even more so when you share a child with the other person.  Child custody […]

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Should I Appeal My Divorce

August 31, 2018

At the end of any divorce, a judge will make a decision about your assets, your debts, your custody, your spousal maintenance, and your child support.  All of these decisions can and probably will impact your life for many years.  It is not uncommon for one or both parties not to be entirely satisfied with […]

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Right of First Refusal – Pros and Cons

July 24, 2018

Getting a divorce involves many confusing and difficult decisions including how to handle finances, whether spousal maintenance is appropriate in your case, who will pay the bills while the divorce is pending, and who should keep the marital residence. Issues concerning child custody are often the most hotly contested in any divorce. In the optimal […]

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Divorcing an Abusive Spouse

July 23, 2018

Domestic abuse is a serious problem across the United States and unfortunately, Minnesota is no exception. Both men and women can be victims of domestic abuse, and it can be a real issue in any divorce action. Although an abuser will try to make the victim feel isolated and trapped, Minnesota law provides important tools […]

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Teenagers and Custody

July 15, 2018

Any parent of a teenager can tell you that parenting a teenager brings special challenges. Teenagers can be moody, difficult, and headstrong. When parents are divorcing or separating, a parenting plan will need to be put in place for any child who is still under the age of eighteen. However, a parenting schedule for a […]

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