What Happens After My Parent is Declared Incompetent?

April 29, 2020

Your parents likely spent years providing you with your upbringing.  They worked hard to give you food, shelter, stability, and love.  As your parents age, it is possible that they will need to lean on you to help them with these things.  Elderly parents often need assistance with house maintenance, transportation to doctor’s appointments, cooking […]

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Court Visitors and Guardianship

July 31, 2018

There are many ways we can make an effort to help protect the vulnerable members of our communities.  Volunteering at homeless shelters, helping with underprivileged youth, or even just bringing a meal to your sick friend are all ways to make sure that members of your community get the help that they need.  In some […]

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Disabled Child Guardianship

April 5, 2018

Protecting and guiding their children is the central role for all parents. In most cases, the children grow and learn over the course of their childhood and are ready to leave home by the time they reach adulthood. However, some children will continue to need protection and care even after they reach the age of […]

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Why Do I Need a Lawyer to Help Plan My Estate?

February 19, 2018

We all take careful time and attention when planning for our future, whether that is a month in advance or years in advance.  With thorough planning, we can also make sure that the future of our loved ones is well-protected after our death.  Estate planning is designed for the purpose of making sure to help […]

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Choosing the Right Guardian For Your Children

February 1, 2018

It is commonly understood that creating a carefully thought out estate plan is of significant importance for the future of your loved ones after you pass on.  One of the most important decisions for you to make is the person you want to act as your child’s guardian after you pass away.  If you pass […]

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