Why Would a Court Refuse to Honor a Will?

May 4, 2020

Planning for a stable and secure future is the goal of any estate plan.  Estate plans use a variety of different tools to make sure you manage your assets appropriately to reach your goals.  A last will and testament is the cornerstone of almost every estate plan.  With a will, you can dictate how your […]

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Preparing for a Potential Incapacity Claim

April 27, 2020

Making sure that you have a valid and thorough last will and testament is a crucial step to building an effective estate plan that will meet your needs and goals.  There are many technical requirements for a will to be considered valid, including that it must be in writing and signed.  One essential requirement is […]

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Standing to Challenge a Will

April 24, 2020

When a loved one or family member passes away, you will be faced with starting the difficult process of grieving.  Unfortunately, during this emotionally challenging time, there are also other important legal and logistical tasks that need to be undertaken.  Probate is not the least of these.  Probate is the legal term for the gathering […]

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Bequests Not Allowed in Wills

April 22, 2020

Your estate plan is a key component in making sure that you are creating the most solid and stable future for yourself and your loved ones.  All estate plans are different, as no two estates or set of goals are the same?  That said, a last will and testament is the cornerstone of almost all […]

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Will Contests and Litigation

March 5, 2020

Litigation is not a pleasant thought for most people.  This can be especially true when the subject of the litigation is a last will and testament.  The subject matter of the litigation in such a case is intensely painful and can bring up some difficult feelings of grief and loss.  However, will contests and accompanying […]

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Requirements for a Valid Will

January 24, 2020

Having a valid last will and testament is one of the cornerstones for a well-arranged and thought out estate plan.  With a valid will, you can dictate how your assets will be distributed, create trusts, and ensure the stability for your friends and family members after you pass away.  When drafting your will, it is […]

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When a Will Is Not Enough

December 3, 2019

Almost everyone is familiar with the fact that a last will and testament is an essential part of ensuring your family’s future will be secure even after you pass away.  Wills can be very simple documents and boilerplate forms are widely available on the internet, although these skeletal forms do not take your individual circumstances […]

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When to Revise Your Will

November 25, 2019

Having an estate plan is an essential step in making sure your family is provided for after you pass away.  Estate plans can make sure that your assets are properly distributed, shield your beneficiaries from heavy estate taxes, and provide a simple way to distribute complicated or heavily regulated assets, just to name a few.  […]

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Can I Force a Relative to Show Me Their Will?

October 25, 2019

We all know it is important to plan for the future.  In the majority of cases, that plan includes looking to our own personal finances, goals, and plans to make sure that we are taking the correct steps.  In some situations, you may be considering the future plans of your relative when creating your estate […]

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No Contest Clauses

October 22, 2019

Estate planning lets you envision your goals and make sure that you are taking the right steps to attain those goals.  There are many different instruments that may be helpful to you to help reach your goals, but almost every complete estate plan includes a last will and testament.  Like any other component of your […]

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