Stay-at-Home Parents versus Working Parents – Who Is the Better Choice for Primary Custodian

January 18, 2019

During a marriage, the spouses lean on each other for love and support.  The way a household is run will vary from family to family, with each family finding its own way to make day to day activities and responsibilities go smoothly.  One of the most important allocation of responsibilities will be how the parenting […]

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Your Child’s Medication and Divorce

January 17, 2019

Our understanding of science and medicine is growing every year.  Doctors are constantly gaining new understanding of physiological and psychological conditions, and that allows them to develop appropriate treatment plans tailored for each patient.  This is especially helpful when the patient is a child.  When a child has special medical or psychological needs, it is quite possible that […]

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Why Did I Lose My Custody Case?

January 7, 2019

Issues about child custody are often the hardest-fought battles in family law.  Child custody can also be one of the most subjective determinations.  When there is a contested child custody issue that a court needs to decide, the judge will make the decision based on particular factors set out in the Minnesota statutes.  These factors […]

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Physical versus Legal Custody

November 17, 2017

Every parent simply wants what is best for his or her child.  This does not change simply because there is a divorce or custody dispute.  Issues of custody can often be the most highly contested areas of a divorce, as we value the security and happiness of our children above anything else.  Parents who are […]

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