Why Leaving Assets Outright to a Beneficiary Can Backfire

December 24, 2018

The cornerstone of many estate plans is the last will and testament.  Your will provides you with the chance to make sure that your assets are distributed to the particular beneficiaries you name.  Your will is your best chance to tell the probate court exactly how you want your estate handled.  Many people think of […]

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Tips to Assist Aging Parents in Planning Their Future

August 1, 2018

We all know it is important to help protect our friends and family.  With aging parents, this often means helping them to plan for the future.  When we are young, our parents are the ones making our decisions and help construct our time ahead with as much care as they can.  Once our parents get older, it is […]

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Estate Planning and Nursing Homes

March 1, 2018

Most people understand that planning for their long-term future is an essential step in protecting themselves and their family’s financial future. Estate planning is the way to make sure your plans for the future are achievable and that you have taken the right steps to achieve those goals. One important consideration that is commonly overlooked […]

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