Why Your Adult Child Should Name You as Power of Attorney

May 7, 2020

Making sure your future is stable and well-planned is one of the main goals of estate planning.  With proper, detailed estate planning, you can make sure your children’s college is funded, pass on your family business, and donate to your favorite charities, just to name a few common goals.  A power of attorney is a […]

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Power of Attorney – Establishing and Revoking

June 27, 2019

Estate planning can involve a wide variety of tactics and written instruments.  Trusts, last will and testaments, and guardianship designations are just a few examples of estate planning instruments that may be part of your plan.  A power of attorney is another type of estate planning instrument that can be very useful.  A power of […]

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Power of Attorney Contests

April 9, 2019

There are many elements of a solid and thorough estate plan.  The elements of each estate plan will vary depending on the individual’s assets and goals.  In some situations, it may be beneficial to execute a power of attorney.  A power of attorney can allow another person to manage your affairs.  These documents can be […]

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Do I Need a Power of Attorney?

December 28, 2018

Estate planning is all about making sure that you have a plan in place for the future.  Some parts of estate planning deal with making sure that your family and friends can enjoy financial stability after you pass away, some deal with helping make sure your medical preferences are known, while still others can help transfer […]

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Health Care Directive/Living Will Versus Power of Attorney

December 6, 2017

Planning for the future is a step we all need to take.  Creating a plan for investments and retirement is a common step, as well as drafting a will.  Using the proper types of written instruments is essential to making sure that your ultimate goal is actually achieved.  When it comes to a health care […]

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