Lessons From Famous Probate Cases

June 18, 2019

America has a strong “celebrity culture.”  Easy access to information through the Internet, as well as the widespread use of social media has only increased the visibility of celebrities and the minutiae of their lives.  We can learn a lot from celebrities, whether that is how to devote energy and time to philanthropy or as […]

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Deciding Whether to Serve as Personal Representative

May 3, 2019

When your friend or loved one passes away, you may loon soon thereafter that you have been designated in his or her will to serve as the personal representative.  The personal representative (also commonly referred to as the “executor”) is the person responsible for making sure to gather the assets of the estate, notify the […]

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Self-Authenticating Wills

April 30, 2019

Creating a last will and testament is an important element of any well-crafted estate plan.  With a last will and testament, you can provide your personal representative as to how you want your assets distributed after you pass on.  Your will can also name your preferred personal representative (also known as an executor), refer to […]

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Will Contests and Burden of Proof

April 22, 2019

Planning for the future is very important.  An estate plan that is tailored to your assets and your goals is a key component of proper planning.  One essential part of the estate plan is to draft and properly execute a last will and testament.  During probate, the court will look to the will to determine […]

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Why you Need a Probate Attorney

April 19, 2019

When your family member or loved one passes away, chances are, the estate will have to pass through probate.  Probate is the process through which the estate’s assets are gathered, debts are paid, and any remaining assets will be distributed according to the provisions of the deceased’s will or, if there was no will, the […]

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Special Adminstrators and Probate

April 16, 2019

The legal process often has a lot of deadlines and waiting periods.  Probate is no exception to this.  As with other legal proceedings, it is rare that the case will move quickly.  However, there may be times when it is necessary to quickly as there are some issues that cannot wait for the normal waiting […]

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Costs of Probate

April 11, 2019

Most people are familiar with the general idea of probate.  It is the process by which the debts of the estate will be paid and the remaining assets are distributed to the heirs and beneficiaries.  Like any legal proceeding, it can be a lengthy and even costly process.  If you are involved in the probate […]

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What If the Estate Is Insolvent?

April 8, 2019

At the end of the life of your family member or loved one, there are many issues to take care of.  These issues include planning the funeral, notifying relatives, and cleaning out the residence if he or she does not have a surviving spouse or partner.  One step that needs to be taken in most […]

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Why You May Need Formal Probate

April 5, 2019

The end of a loved one’s life is never an easy time.  Grieving for your loss is a challenging time, and the logistics of wrapping up the estate of your family member or close friend can make it seem more complex and challenging.  Chances are, the estate will need to go through probate.  Probate is […]

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Elective Shares

April 4, 2019

People spend a lot of time and effort in crafting their estate plans.  A last will and testament is clearly a key element of your plan.  In most cases, spouses will be very open and honest with each other about the contents of their wills.  However, there are some cases where one spouse may change […]

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