Common Mistakes in Estate Planning

August 5, 2019

Planning for the future is the goal of your estate plan.  A good estate plan can help you structure your finances, help your grandchildren attend college, and dictate who should make your medical decisions in case you are incapacitated, just to name a few issues.  An estate plan requires some important attention to detail, as […]

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Informal versus Formal Discovery

August 1, 2019

Any attorney will tell you that the key to helping a client successfully achieve his or her goals is ample preparation.  This is no less true in family law and custody cases, especially as there are many facts and nuances that are relevant to helping a client achieve his or her goals for the family.  […]

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Why Adopt – Name Change to Match the Rest of the Family

July 30, 2019

Few things define us like our own names.  Our surnames tell a story of our heritage and connect us to the other members of our family.  Logistically, sharing a name with your family can simplify certain processes.  For example, sharing a surname with your children can avoid confusion when trying to schedule pediatrician appointments or […]

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What Does Probate Even Mean?

July 4, 2019

If you have recently lost a family member or loved one, you likely know that there are many things that need to be done soon after the death.  The funeral must be planned, relatives notified, and moving forward with the grieving process, just to name a few.  In most cases, probate will be required to […]

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When Is Probate Required?

July 3, 2019

The end of life for your family member or loved one is a difficult time.  In addition to moving forward with the funeral arrangements, notifying relatives, and managing your own grief, there are other administrative and legal issues that must be attended to.  Probate is often one of the most important issues that needs to […]

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Choosing the Right Estate Planning Documents

July 2, 2019

Everyone knows that planning for the future is important.  Having a thorough and adequate plan can help you attain your goals while providing stability for you and your family.  An estate plan is an essential component of a complete plan for your future.  Estate planning is highly fact specific, and just as no two families […]

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Invalid Will Provisions

July 1, 2019

Crafting a tailor-made last will and testament is an essential component of almost every estate plan.  A well made last will and testament will provide you with the opportunity to pass on your assets to your preferred beneficiaries.  It can also be an important instrument to help provide guidance as to what you believe should […]

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Power of Attorney – Establishing and Revoking

June 27, 2019

Estate planning can involve a wide variety of tactics and written instruments.  Trusts, last will and testaments, and guardianship designations are just a few examples of estate planning instruments that may be part of your plan.  A power of attorney is another type of estate planning instrument that can be very useful.  A power of […]

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Discovery In Probate Cases

June 25, 2019

Legal cases require many important steps.  These steps include filing the original petition, making sure the parties are properly served, and attending any temporary hearings, just to name a few.  One step that is included in many civil cases is discovery.  During discovery, each side can obtain information and documents from the other side using […]

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Futile Mediation

June 5, 2019

Law suits are notorious for absorbing months or even years of time, to say nothing of the substantial financial resources expended for attorney fees.  Divorce and child custody cases are no exception to this rule.  Family law cases are often more emotionally exhausting for those involved than other types of law suits, as the very […]

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