What is a Beneficiary Deed?

April 20, 2020

People use a variety of investment tools to help ensure their future security.  Stocks, 401(k)s, and pensions are all good ways to approach your financial stability.  Real estate is typically one of the most valuable assets a person will own during his or her lifetime and can represent a significant portion of a person’s assets.   […]

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Who Should I Add to My Real Estate Deeds?

March 17, 2020

Part of the American dream is to own your own home.  Americans work hard to build their financial security and plan for the future, and in many cases, this means investing in real estate.  While the most common form of real estate investing is often the family home, other common types of real estate to […]

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Your Business Real Estate

January 30, 2020

Small businesses help to form the backbone of the American economy.  Millions of Americans start their own business every year, hoping to achieve the American dream of financial independence and stability.  Owning your own business means investing in a wide variety of assets, including fixtures, inventory, and vehicles.  Many business owners also choose to invest […]

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Transfer on Death Deeds

September 19, 2019

For most Americans, their family home is the most valuable asset they own, both in terms of financial cost and emotional attachment.  Asset protection is one of the main goals of most estate plans.  Estate planning can allow you to pass your assets to your selected beneficiaries, and when real estate is involved, that can […]

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Life Estates

August 22, 2019

Real estate is the cornerstone of stability for millions of Americans.  Buying your own home is part of the American dream for most people, and we work hard to make sure we work toward that goal.  Once achieved, we also work hard to protect the asset.  It is common for people to want to pass […]

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Reverse Mortgages and Your Estate Plan

August 15, 2019

The American Dream typically includes owning a home, where you can raise settle down and raise your family.  For many people, the family home is one of the most substantial and costly assets they have, and is a central component in their estate plans.  However, after retirement, unanticipated health issues, turns in the investment market, […]

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Real Estate and Uncontested Divorce

March 14, 2019

Divorce can mean a long, drawn out dispute between two spouses.  However, more commonly, parties are able to come to an agreement about some or even all of the issues before having to go to a contested hearing before a judge.  An uncontested divorce can be an excellent way to craft an agreement that has […]

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Homestead, Real Estate, and Estate Planning

March 6, 2019

Owning your own home has long been part of “the American Dream.”  People commonly work hard to purchase their own home and build equity in that real estate for many years.  For many, the family home may be their most substantial asset at the time of his or her death.  Like any other major asset, […]

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No One Can Afford the House After Divorce – Now What?

January 14, 2019

During marriage, you and your spouse have likely worked together to accumulate assets and build security for your future together.  The financial stress of a divorce, unfortunately, can sometimes put a severe dent in the assets that you have worked a lifetime to build.  Where you and your spouse have spent time sharing responsibilities, including […]

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Pros and Cons of Joint Tenancy

January 2, 2019

For most Americans, real estate is the most valuable asset in their estate.  The primary residence is typically the real estate that receives the most attention, as well as the most financial investment and priority.  It is not uncommon for people to treat real estate as an investment tool for the future, just as they would a […]

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