ADHD and Medication – Disagreements Between Parents

February 12, 2020

Parenting children provides a variety of challenges and rewards.  If your child has special needs, parenting can become even more challenging.  Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, or “ADHD,” is a relatively common issue, with about eleven percent of America’s youth being diagnosed.  During a marriage or committed relationship, the parents will ideally work together to help […]

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Summer Camp and Visitation

July 16, 2019

Summer is a time when your family and your children can create lasting memories.  Taking road trips, going camping, playing baseball, and exploring favorite hobbies are just a few things that are part of the quintessential summer experience.  Attending summer camp is also often part of a positive summer experience for children.  After a divorce […]

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Private School and Custody

March 19, 2019

Every parent simply looking to make sure that their children are raised in a safe and stable environment where they get all that they require.  During a divorce or custody proceeding, if the parents cannot come to an agreement, the judge will come to a decision about what is in the children’s best interest.  The […]

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“Allocation of Parental Responsibilities” – What Does That Mean?

December 11, 2018

Parenting and custody issues are often some of the most highly disputed issues during any divorce case.  Parenting together with a partner during a harmonious marriage or relationship is difficult, and when the relationship falls apart, co-parenting can become even more challenging.  During a divorce or custody case, a court will need to make a […]

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Proof Needed to Get Sole Custody

October 22, 2018

Every divorce is different, and with each case, there will be unique issues that need to be addressed by a judge.  One of the most contentious issues in most cases is that of child custody.  Minnesota law makes no presumption of whether joint physical custody or sole physical custody is in the child’s best interest. […]

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