Remarriage, Spousal Maintenance, and Child Support

December 10, 2018

Although a divorce means the end of a relationship, it also means the beginning of the next chapter of life for both spouses.  It is very common for one or both spouses to move forward after the divorce and get remarried.  Where a former spouse has been ordered to pay alimony (called “spousal maintenance” in […]

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Special Issues for High Net Worth Divorce

October 23, 2018

We all work diligently to ensure the financial security for our families.  Careful planning, scrupulous saving, and hard work can result in a comfortable lifestyle for you and your family.  This financial comfort and security, however, does not always promise a happy marriage, and even wealthy individuals may find their relationship failing and are now […]

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New Tax Law and Spousal Maintenance

June 22, 2018

Divorce almost always means that both spouses need to do some substantial financial rearranging. Whereas couples used to have two people to contribute to the utilities, housing expenses, and child expenses, after divorce, the spouses will each have to figure out how to pay the bills and meet expenses on just one income. Spousal maintenance, […]

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How Standard of Living Matters for Divorce

June 13, 2018

During a marriage, the parties work together for the common goal of building their future, both emotionally and financially.  Depending on their particular incomes, asset availability, and the types of goals they have set, they will follow a particular standard of living.  When a relationship ends and the parties are going through a divorce, there […]

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Preparing for Your Temporary Hearing

May 31, 2018

In any divorce, there are many different documents that need to be filed, and strategic actions that may be taken to ensure your rights and responsibilities are adequately protected and understood. One option in a divorce case is a motion for temporary relief. At a temporary hearing, the court can make decisions about financial and custody […]

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Imputing Income for Support

April 4, 2018

Following a divorce or custody action, it is likely that one or both of the parties will need to rearrange their finances. When the parties share children, they are both required to provide financial support for their children. In cases where a parent has lost a job, changed a job, or never had a job, […]

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How Much Spousal Maintenance Will I Get?

April 3, 2018

There are many decisions that need to be made in any divorce. Asset division, debt division, and child custody are just a few of the central issues. Spousal maintenance is also an important topic in many cases. Although it is becoming more and more common for both spouses to work outside of the home, there […]

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Spousal Maintenance After Remarriage

February 15, 2018

Divorce can be one of the most financially stressful events in a person’s life.  After sometimes years of living and joining financial resources with another person, divorce means having to live on your own and find your own way to meet your expenses.  For a spouse that has been a stay-at-home parent or has foregone […]

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Am I Entitled to Spousal Maintenance?

November 16, 2017

Financial issues are commonly the tipping point for many divorces.  Where people have pooled their resources, after a divorce, there will be two households with two sets of bills, which clearly puts a financial strain on most budgets.  When finances are an issue, spousal maintenance is usually one of the most contentious issues in a […]

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Will Cohabitation Wipe out Spousal Maintenance Awards Now?

July 31, 2016

On August 1, 2016, there are some seismic shifts happening in family law, especially as it relates to spousal maintenance. Spousal maintenance can be established by settlement or a court decision. And until recently it only ended three ways: An end date agreed to or decided by the court The death of either party The […]

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