Removing a Trustee

December 18, 2018

Planning for the future of our family members and close friends is an essential reason for estate planning.  Estate planning helps us to solidify not only our own futures, but the secure futures of our loved ones.  There are a variety of planning instruments that can be employed, depending on your goals and your estate.  […]

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What is a QTIP Trust?

January 31, 2018

Married couples spend a lot of time planning for their future together.  It is an exciting time thinking forward to building toward potential opportunities to achieve goals together.  Estate planning should always be part of this planning process, including wills and trusts.  There are many different types of tools that married couples can and should […]

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Pets and Wills and Trusts

December 18, 2017

For most people with animals, these pets are thought of as members of the family.  Pets are important to their owners, and owners want to make sure that pets are always provided for, even in the event of the owner’s incapacity or death.  There are mechanisms for pet owners ensure their pet is always cared […]

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