Naming a Trust as Beneficiary

May 8, 2020

We all keep an eye toward the future even when working on our goals today.  Trying to ensure the future stability of our family is an important objective, and there are many steps on the way to achieving that objective.  Smart money management, wise investments, and estate planning are all critical when building a strong […]

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Intersection of Your Life Plans and Estate Planning

April 30, 2020

Planning for your future is an important step in making sure that the future is safe and stable.  Laying out the roadmap to your life can help you identify and achieve your goals.  When you have a family, working to your goals becomes even more important, as your children will depend on you for care […]

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Estate Planning and Partnership Law

March 16, 2020

Millions of Americans depend on small businesses for their income, either as employees or as proprietors.  Business owners know that there are many important considerations for a business to make sure it stays running, ranging from ordering the proper inventory to advertising in the right places.  One issue that many businesses may overlook is how […]

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Trusts and Tax Identification Numbers

March 4, 2020

There are a wide variety of estate planning instruments available to you. Choosing the right estate planning instrument depends not only on your assets and beneficiaries, but also on your goals.  For example, the right estate planning instrument to pass your grandmother’s silver to your niece after your death will be a very different document […]

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Trusts and Charitable Contributions

March 3, 2020

Estate planning is an essential step when working on financial stability for your family for years or even generations to come.  There are a variety of estate planning instruments you can use to achieve your goals, ranging from a last will and testament to a healthcare directive.  Although the focus for most people is stability […]

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Amending or Changing a Trust

December 10, 2019

There are many ways you can plan for your future and help achieve your goals and those of your family.  Estate planning is a crucial step on the road to financial health and providing for your family both during your life and after you are gone.  No two estate plans are alike, as no two […]

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Testamentary Trust

December 9, 2019

One of the best ways to help ensure stability for your family is to plan for the future.  An essential component of that plan is a solid estate plan.  Estate plans can help you distribute your assets, arrange for important healthcare decisions, and even nominate a person to care for your child in the event […]

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Do I Need a Will or a Trust? – Choosing the Right Estate Planning Instrument

September 20, 2019

Every family is different.  As a result, every estate plan will also need to be different.  A well-crafted estate plan will be tailored to the individualized goals and requirements of the person making the estate plan.  There are a wide range of estate planning instruments to help you achieve your goals, depending on your assets, […]

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Estate Planning and Debt

July 5, 2019

Most people work very hard to reduce or even eliminate debt as much as possible.  Despite our best efforts, however, most people will have debt throughout their lifetime, including at the time of their death.  Debt can range in types from mortgages on real estate, unsecured credit card debt, or medical debt from end of […]

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Choosing the Right Estate Planning Documents

July 2, 2019

Everyone knows that planning for the future is important.  Having a thorough and adequate plan can help you attain your goals while providing stability for you and your family.  An estate plan is an essential component of a complete plan for your future.  Estate planning is highly fact specific, and just as no two families […]

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