Why Do I Need an Estate Plan Since the Change in Tax Law?

June 24, 2019

President Trump’s administration has seen a host of changes.  One of the most sweeping changes is the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.  The law was passed and then signed into law in December 2017.  This legislation overhauled many areas of the federal tax code, including tax credits for minor children, itemized deductions, and estate taxes.  […]

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Proving Breach of Fiduciary Duty In a Trust Case

June 19, 2019

There are a wide variety of instruments that can be used to craft your estate plan.  A well rounded estate plan will likely include several different documents, such as your last will and testament, a durable power of attorney, a living will, or a trust.  Each estate planning instrument has its own benefits and drawbacks, […]

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Lessons From Famous Probate Cases

June 18, 2019

America has a strong “celebrity culture.”  Easy access to information through the Internet, as well as the widespread use of social media has only increased the visibility of celebrities and the minutiae of their lives.  We can learn a lot from celebrities, whether that is how to devote energy and time to philanthropy or as […]

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Using a Trust to Disinherit Your Child

June 17, 2019

Family is an important foundation for most people.  We spend most of our lives interacting with our family members, whether that is our parents, siblings, spouses, or even children.  Having children and guiding them as they grow up is rewarding and can be a source of great joy.  However, not every parent-child relationship is ideal.  In some unfortunate circumstances, […]

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Trusts to Protect Your Vacation Home

May 1, 2019

Many Americans work hard to purchase real estate.  It has historically been a solid investment for your future and that of your family.  Some families are fortunate enough to be able to invest in additional real estate, including a vacation home.  A vacation home or cabin can be a great way to spend time with […]

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What Is a Declaration of Trust?

April 29, 2019

Millions of Americans work in small businesses.  Statistics show that small businesses employ almost half of the work force in the United States.  Many people decide to begin a new business every year, and with that decision comes many other important issues to consider.  Just one of these is how to structure your business.  Some […]

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How Do I Leave Money to My Child But Not Their Spouse?

March 7, 2019

Parents always work to protect their children, nurture them, and help them to build the best possible future.  This does not stop simply because a child grows up and starts his or her own family.  One of the main goals of estate planning for many people is to leave financial resources to their adult children.  […]

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Perpetual Trusts

March 1, 2019

Estate plans and future stability are fundamentally linked.  One of the main goals of any estate plan is to provide lasting solidity and permanency to the family wealth and stability.  In some cases, these goals are more short-term, such as choosing a guardian for your minor children in the case where you and the other […]

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Do I Need a Will or Trust?

February 13, 2019

Estate planning is an essential step to making sure that your future and that of your family is properly planned and structured.  There are a wide variety of estate planning instruments available, and depending on the precise requirements of your estate, you may need only one of these documents or a dozen.  Wills and trusts […]

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Why Leaving Assets Outright to a Beneficiary Can Backfire

December 24, 2018

The cornerstone of many estate plans is the last will and testament.  Your will provides you with the chance to make sure that your assets are distributed to the particular beneficiaries you name.  Your will is your best chance to tell the probate court exactly how you want your estate handled.  Many people think of […]

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