Do I Have to Probate This Will?

November 6, 2018

Drafting a last will and testament as part of your estate plan is an important step in looking forward and arranging your affairs.  A well-drafted and enforceable will allows you to make particular dispositions of your assets to your friends, family, favorite charitable institutions, or even pets.  Probate allows for the orderly payment of valid […]

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Naming Charities in Your Will and Estate Plan

November 1, 2018

Building wealth and assets takes hard work and often times particular financial strategy.  Estate planning is no different, and with the wrong estate plan, you could end up wasting some of your hard-earned wealth.  In many cases, estate plans focus on leaving assets to family members and close friends upon the death of the testator […]

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Tips for Drafting a Successful Will

August 2, 2018

Planning a secure and stable future has many essential steps.  These steps include actions such as selecting the right life partner, making wise financial decisions, and constructing an enforceable and practical estate plan.  Part of your estate plan will almost certainly be a Last Will and Testament.  This document instructs the court how you want your estate handled […]

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I’ve Been Named As A Personal Representative in a Will. Now What?

May 17, 2018

Before a friend or loved one passes away, he or she may notify you that you have been named as the personal representative of his or her estate.  Being named as a personal representative means that your friend or family member trusts you to honorably and truthfully carry out his or her wishes after death.  […]

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Choosing the Right Guardian For Your Children

February 1, 2018

It is commonly understood that creating a carefully thought out estate plan is of significant importance for the future of your loved ones after you pass on.  One of the most important decisions for you to make is the person you want to act as your child’s guardian after you pass away.  If you pass […]

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Why Is It Important to Have a Will?

January 18, 2018

Planning for the end of your life can seem morose and depressing, but it is an important step to make sure that your dependents and loved ones are well taken care of after you are gone.  Despite this fact, according to a recent survey, only 42% of adults in the United States have important estate […]

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Common Reasons to Contest a Will

January 17, 2018

People who have the foresight to draft a will are doing their best to make sure their wishes are known and carried out following their death.  In the best circumstances, this planning ahead can help the younger generations to move forward in life by using these assets to start a business, go to college, pay […]

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Why Do I Need a Will?

January 11, 2018

Planning for your future requires careful consideration to many aspects of your financial and emotional plans.  Structuring your retirement and investments to ensure a secure future for both you and your family is of the utmost importance.  Many estate planning documents, such as revocable trusts and health care directives, can make sure that things run […]

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Basic Requirements for a Valid Will

January 10, 2018

Drafting important legal documents is often a highly technical process with several requirements.  Drafting a valid will is no exception to this rule.  In the case of a simple will, there are not a large number of requirements for what makes a will actually valid, but those requirements are essential.  Failure to follow any of […]

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Intestacy Basics

December 4, 2017

Thinking ahead, planning an estate, and finalizing a will an important step to take, even if you do not have a large number of assets or children.  If you or a loved one has not taken the step to write a will before death, however, the law in Minnesota provides an avenue to make sure […]

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