Do I Need a Will or a Trust? – Choosing the Right Estate Planning Instrument

September 20, 2019

Every family is different.  As a result, every estate plan will also need to be different.  A well-crafted estate plan will be tailored to the individualized goals and requirements of the person making the estate plan.  There are a wide range of estate planning instruments to help you achieve your goals, depending on your assets, […]

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Laughing Heirs

August 29, 2019

We all know that drafting an executing a detailed and custom made will is an essential part of an estate plan.  With a will, you can designate particular beneficiaries, name personal representative candidates, and provide guidance to the court for guardianship of your minor children.  If you do not leave a will or your will […]

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Choosing the Right Estate Planning Documents

July 2, 2019

Everyone knows that planning for the future is important.  Having a thorough and adequate plan can help you attain your goals while providing stability for you and your family.  An estate plan is an essential component of a complete plan for your future.  Estate planning is highly fact specific, and just as no two families […]

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Invalid Will Provisions

July 1, 2019

Crafting a tailor-made last will and testament is an essential component of almost every estate plan.  A well made last will and testament will provide you with the opportunity to pass on your assets to your preferred beneficiaries.  It can also be an important instrument to help provide guidance as to what you believe should […]

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Who Do I Have to Leave Assets to In a Will?

June 28, 2019

Planning for the future can be an exciting time, as you think about your goals and dreams and how you may be able to achieve those benchmarks.  An estate plan can help you achieve your goals by providing stability and structure.  One of the most common documents included in estate plans is a last will […]

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Why You Need a Will Even If You Have a Trust

June 26, 2019

There are many important considerations when making an estate plan.  An estate plan can provide you with the opportunity to create stability and structure for your friends and family both before and after you pass away.  There are a variety of instruments that can be included in your estate plan.  Two of the most common […]

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Lessons From Famous Probate Cases

June 18, 2019

America has a strong “celebrity culture.”  Easy access to information through the Internet, as well as the widespread use of social media has only increased the visibility of celebrities and the minutiae of their lives.  We can learn a lot from celebrities, whether that is how to devote energy and time to philanthropy or as […]

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Red Flags for Fraud and Coercion In a Will

February 22, 2019

Drafting and executing a valid last will and testament is one of the most basic and essential steps to take to ensure your wishes will be carried out after you die.  It is common for people to amend their wills several times over the years in order to accurately reflect their estate and their wishes.  […]

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Do I Need a Will or Trust?

February 13, 2019

Estate planning is an essential step to making sure that your future and that of your family is properly planned and structured.  There are a wide variety of estate planning instruments available, and depending on the precise requirements of your estate, you may need only one of these documents or a dozen.  Wills and trusts […]

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Dividing Property In Your Will

September 17, 2018

Making a Last Will and Testament is an important way to make sure that your debts are paid and assets are distributed to the friends and family members you hold most dear.  Without a valid Will, your assets will be distributed according to the Minnesota laws of intestacy.  These laws are specific rules for how […]

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