The Benefits of Coaching

By Matthew Tuttle, Certified Professional Coach

Sitting in a plane high over Utah, I finally figured out what I was going to do with my life. My wife of one year was next to me. We were on a trip to wine country to celebrate our anniversary. Our flight left Minneapolis at 5:30 AM. Insistent on arriving early, I awoke at three and scrounged around for something to read. I put a book in my bag and headed off to the airport.

On the plane, I pulled out the book and to my dismay it was Secrets of a CEO Coach. I had bought the book wondering what CEOs needed to know. At that moment it wasn’t a book I had any interest in, but there wasn’t anything else on the plane to read. So I opened the book and started in, believing that it wasn’t going to be good.

After a few chapters, I was hooked. It discussed a senior executive and the struggles he had with his job. After hiring a coach, he found clarity and direction. What an incredible way to make a living, helping people see themselves better and creating a path to follow for success. The best part was that he made the decisions – not the coach. Everyone wins!

When we returned home I called my dad to tell him that I was going to become a coach. Without a pause, he said, “You know you’re in for a lot of heartaches.” I was stunned. “What do you mean,” I asked? He said, “No coach has a winning record in their first season.” That was my first introduction to the misunderstanding of what coaches do.

That was 2004. Today I am a coach and have loved working with so many great people. Coaching has changed a lot over the years, but some of the basic premises have proven themselves over and over again.

Coaching has at its core the skill of listening. Listening is worth so much, primarily because there is often so little of it in our relationships and interactions. For instance, social media isn’t about listening; it’s about being heard. But a good listener makes you feel heard.

Coaching is planning. Most people don’t have concrete goals, so what do they expect if they don’t get what they want? Planning gives people control over their situations. It empowers them to define their lives on their terms and eliminates a significant amount of frustration from their lives.

Finally, coaching is about living! Now! So often we get caught up in circumstances we can’t control or we focus on outcomes that haven’t even happened yet. These situations suck the life out of us and create more chaos. A coach can help you see where you are stuck and help develop a better way forward.

A coach can help you become so much better than you think you are capable. The hardest part is to ask.

At Johnson/Turner Legal, now you don’t even have to ask. We’ll ask you.