Uncontested Adoption – Complex Administratively – Choosing the Right Attorney

The vast majority of civil cases are settled before they ever reach a final hearing.  In some cases, they reach a settlement before the initial pleadings have even been filed.  Even if an agreement is reached between the parties, there are still important administrative rules and laws that must be observed.  Failure to adhere to the requirements under Minnesota law can mean that the agreement is not enforceable and can be set aside months or occasionally even years down the road.  Adoptions are no exception to this.  As a result, it is important for you to choose the right attorney, even if you are proceeding with an uncontested adoption.

One reason it is important to choose the right attorney for an uncontested adoption is that your attorney will know which people are necessary parties to the action.  For example, if the grandparents of the child are legal guardians of the child you seek to adopt, it is necessary to have them grant consent.  Moreover, if the parents of the child are also minors, their parents will also need to consent.

Another reason you need to choose the right attorney for an uncontested adoption is that your attorney will need to be familiar with the people who are not entitled to notice of the proceeding and whose consent is not required.  Relating back to the above example, if the grandparents have just been keeping the child for a couple of months and do not have legal custody, they are not necessary parties to the case.  This is important because involving too many people in the negotiations can make it complicated and can result in a case being contested when it could have been a much simpler case if you omit these extra relatives.

Third, choosing the right attorney for your uncontested adoption attorney is essential because the right attorney will be well-acquainted with the right tactics for an uncontested adoption.  Adoption and termination of parental rights are highly personal cases.  As a result, having an attorney that is skilled in discussing the case in a sensitive and open manner with the relinquishing parents can make the difference between an uncontested adoption and a highly contested termination of parental rights case.

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