What About the Kids?

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Who gets the kids?

Thinking about the children

Having an experienced attorney at your side will help you avoid common pitfalls in devising parenting time schedules.

If you’re getting divorced and have kids, their health, happiness, and stability are foremost in your mind. We make sure that the transition from living with parents together to living with them separately is child-centered. From a legal perspective, issues involving kids include custody and parenting time. There are two kinds of custody:

  • Legal custody pertains to authority over medical decisions, school decisions, and religious-upbringing decisions. In the vast majority of cases, legal custody is shared jointly by the parties.
  • Physical custody pertains to the parent with whom the children primarily live. The labels “sole physical custody” and “joint physical custody” have become much less important over the past 10 years as laws have changed that take the focus away from the label itself. Now the emphasis is on the parenting time schedule – when the kids will be with each parent.

Developing a parenting time scheduled is often one of the most difficult and important issues to agree on. Parties and their attorneys have so much to consider and balance in making a schedule that is best for kids. Most people don’t have to consider all the variables important in creating a parenting schedule until they face a divorce.

At Johnson/Turner we connect with our clients and understand their objectives and their hopes for their children, and we help craft a schedule that serves their children and them.